Our NFC Mandarin Juice is made from premium quality mandarins from the Citrus Reticulata tree, harvested in the Spanish orchard and processed immediately after harvesting.

Our NFC Mandarin Juice is 100% pure and natural, obtained exclusively by mechanical means from fresh, healthy mandarins of the species Citrus reticulata.

The fruit is harvested at the right point of ripeness, mechanically squeezed without the addition of any additives. Our NFC juice comes from mandarin oranges grown in Spain, and follows the characteristics of the AIJN code. The mandarin juice is fruity, fresh and aromatic, and has an intense orange colour.

Thanks to the proximity of our production plants to our orchards, we can offer a fresh and juicy product with a freshly squeezed taste that really stands out.

How is NFC Mandarin juice processed?

NFC Mandarin juice is processed and pasteurised by instant heating immediately after squeezing the fruit, avoiding removing the water content of the fruit in the process, as the acronym NFC stands for “Not from concentrate”, which means that this product does not go through a concentrate process.

For this reason, it is important to note that the cost and size of transporting NFC Juices is slightly higher than in our Juice Concentrates section.

NFC Mandarin

How is NFC mandarin juice stored?

NFC products can be stored frozen or refrigerated for at least one year. If desired, preservatives can be added to these products to extend their shelf life.

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