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Frozen Juice Spain is part of a business group which grows and supplies juices for food and beverage industy. We are NFC Juice producers and Juice concentrate supplier .

An all-natural product with very little processing, our NFC Juices, especially our NFC Orange  juice and NFC Lemon juice is packed with the refreshing flavors of Spanish sun-ripened oranges and lemons, and also boasts an impressive nutritional profile. We are NFC juice manufacturer.

Our company have been at the forefront of NFC juices, Concentrates juices and citrus fruit fresh supply for the past ten years and have an extensive international customer base.

We also offer de-ionised concentrates for natural sweetening, available in clarified and cloudy varieties, including our Orange juice concentrate 60 – 65ºbrix, Lemon Juice concentrate brix – 400,500 GPL or Strawberry Purée Concentrate. We are Concentrate juice producers.

Frozen Juice Spain is aware of the importance of continuous improvement in order to offer the best products to our customers, as demonstrated by our constant investment in research, development and innovation, a leader in distribution of juices with a huge range of product for wholesale from, but are not limited to, NFC Juices, juice concentrates, purees, pulp cells or essential oils.

Our spanish juice products

Citrus Juice

We have a wide variety of citrus juices in different states, NFC, Concentrate or purée. Our citrus fruits are a set of fruits that can be either sour or bittersweet, but that are always very juicy and aromatic

Berry Juice

Our berries are a source of antioxidants that improve skin and health, they contain the largest amount of antioxidants and vitamin C. Check our purés and concentrates.

Summer Fruits and Vegetables Juice

We have a large selection of NFC, Purees and Concentrates of fruit and vegetables, always with the best selection and quality from the Mediterranean área.

Fresh citrus

Thanks to our sustainable agriculture practices and respect for the environment, we obtain the best varieties of clementine, orange and lemon.
Our products are packaged in different formats such as: boxed, mesh, gersac, cardboard, plastic and wood.

Concentrates Juices

Our business group are Worldwide suppliers of Fruit Juice Concentrates, ranging from Orange to Lemon and Berries fruit in between. The puree juice is concentrated and filtered into a liquid which can be used in a multitude of applications or even simply diluted back to pure juice strength.


NFC Juice

Simply squeezed and pasteurized, without adding or removing anything, NFC Juice retains virtually all the nutritional benefits of the original fruit.

To place an order or request any information, send us an email. You can also take a look at our orange concentrate and our range of other NFC fruit juices, including NFC Red Grapefruit, NFC Mandarin, Pulp cells and Purees.


High Quality Fruits – Made in Spain

Working with local agricultural producers who are both partners and suppliers, means that the company has direct access to a wide variety of crops near our factories. Our suppliers have extensive experience in agricultural production which allows Frozen Juices Spain to obtain high quality fruits. The proximity of the crops to the plant and the speed of processing of the products guarantees maximum freshness for our NFC Juice.


Produce and offer the best concentrated juice and NFC citrus, berries and vegetables. Always high quality and be the leading brand in Europe for consumers, in a society that values us for who we are and what we do

At Fruit Fresh Spain, we pride ourselves on using only the finest quality fruit for our NFC (Not From Concentrate) juices.

Sourced directly from the lush orchards of Spain, each fruit is handpicked at the peak of its ripeness to ensure the most authentic and vibrant flavours. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the selection process.

We employ state-of-the-art processing techniques that preserve the natural nutrients and taste of the fruit, resulting in a juice that is as close to nature as possible. Our customers can taste the difference, enjoying a refreshing beverage that is both delicious and nutritious.

With a dedication to sustainability, we also ensure that our farming practices are eco-friendly, contributing to a healthier planet. Choose Fruit Fresh Spain, and experience the true essence of Spanish fruits in every sip

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