Murcia is a region in the south of Spain famous for its lemon production, both lemon concentrate (LJC) and NFC lemon juice.

Our lemon juice comes from squeezing lemons grown in Spain, under the characteristics dictated by AIJN. The main varieties used are finos, which are mainly harvested in the Murcia area.

The Murcian lemon is highly appreciated for its size and aroma which is given by our land and warm climate. We also have organic lemon juice concentrates available in nfc, 400 or 500 gpl.

How is NFC Lemon juice processed?

Lemon juice is processed and pasteurised by instant heating immediately after exctracting the fruit, without removing the water content from the juice. NFC Lemon juice is never concentrated, which means that the cost of transportation is a little higher, as it requires more space for transportation.

Depending on the customer’s needs, preservatives can be added to this type of juice to ensure a longer shelf life.

Lemons that do not meet our high quality standards for consumption as fresh fruit or for processing, together with the pulp and/or peels obtained from the processed oranges, are diverted and used for by-products.

NFC Lemon Juice

 NFc Lemon Juice Properties

We produce NFC lemon juice during each seasonal harvest, using premium extractors that allow us to offer a fresh, high quality product.

During the process, the juice is separated from the pulp, peels and seeds and then pasteurised or frozen and packaged according to the customer’s needs.

In addition to NFC lemon juice, We also supply NFC orange juice; NFC mandarin juice and NFC pomegranate juice, the latter made with a proprietary, state-of-the-art technology that separates the seeds from the pulp.

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