Concentrate Juices Explained

Most consumers never really think about the types of juices that they buy.

Most consumers never really think about the types of juices that they buy. They just look for the brand that they usually buy or maybe one that they have seen on television. There are many different types of juices on the market today.

Some are stored at room temperature in tetra-briks and others are stored in the cold section of the supermarket.

These are some of the different types of juices that consumers find in the market today


Fresh squeezed juices


NFC or Not From Concentrate Juice


From concentrate juice

What are the differences?

In contrast to regular fruit juice, these beverages have labels that read “NFC juice,” “100% fresh fruit juice,” or “No additives,” respectively. These items typically have a shorter shelf life and must be kept in cool surroundings to preserve their quality. The price, on the other hand, is significantly more than that of conventional juice goods. This is the distinction that stands out the most.

At the end of March, fruit juice products officially start their peak selling season. Specifically, the NFC juice that was introduced the previous year is experiencing greater demand in the market. There is an increasing number of consumers who are willing to shell out additional cash to purchase “cold-pressed juice” and “NFC juice.”

Concentrate Juice Explained

What is NFC juice?

NFC juices are a little more expensive than concentrated juices. NFC juice is made by cold pressing the fruit, pasteurizing it,  and then packaging the juice. Once the juice has been packaged, we normally export it.

Why is NFC juice so good?

The manufacture of NFC juice utilizes a cold pressing method, which helps to maintain a greater amount of the original juice’s flavor, texture, and nutritional value. However, this does not come without a price. NFC juices are more prone to spoilage since they are not subjected to the heat that is necessary for the manufacturing of other types of juice, nor do they undergo the moisture removal process that is necessary for concentration.

It is necessary to have a continuous cold chain for refrigerated NFC juices, beginning with their manufacture and continuing all the way through to their consumption by the final user. 

As a consequence of this, they are often superior to juice concentrates and/or shelf-stable juices in terms of their nutritive value and flavour.

Shelf Stable Juice – The kind found in cartons around the world

 f stable juices or carton juice are often made from juice concentrate, they are generally cheaper and do not require distribution via a cold chain. Although popular, they do not contain as much flavor or nutritional value as their NFC and freshly squeezed counterparts.

Quality Citrus Fruit
Quality Fruit Juice from Quality Fruit

As people become more and more health conscious, one of the biggest reasons for the rise in demand for NFC juice is that it requires less preservatives and is therefore a lot healthier.

Our NFC juices only use the finest quality raw materials. With a lack of additives or flavorings NFC juice must be produced in exactly the right conditions with the best quality fruit.

NFC juices are now gaining an increasing amount  of the market share as consumers become more and more aware of what they are eating. As the old saying goes “You are what you eat”

Frozen Juice Spain - NFC Juice Manufacturer

Because of our extensive background in the manufacture of premium juices, the NFC juices we produce at Frozen Juice Spain are able to harness the full potential of fresh fruit in applications where the use of freshly squeezed juice would be impractical.

Our unrivalled commitment to developing forward-thinking and trustworthy products—products that our business partners can rely on as they adapt to meet the shifting demands of the market—is directly responsible for the exceptional quality of the NFC juices that we offer.

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